Music of the Heart

Which note is your master key? Like a singer using a tonometer to ensure the proper pitch, each individual on earth has a note that resonates with them. It has the power to guide your life and open doors, like a magic key. As it intertwines with others, it creates a movement of powerful attraction!

Since each note has a vibration and a purpose, discovering the impact each one has on us can help recalibrate our life, our mission and the impact we have on others. Often when we hear music, we either feel touched by it, in complete discordance or neutral based.

When a melody touches us, the notes are like chiffon drapes, wrapping us in a gentle touch, twirling around in beautiful pastel shades. With their movement, they cleans our energy, our thoughts and bring us in a space of total bliss. This state gets us close to the Divine. By visualising these pastel drapes surrounding us, moving to the flow of the melody, we can feel the caress of angels’ wings, filling our energy with love and beautiful cleansing rays. Rest in this blissful moment and find the best melody that will move and touch your heart.

When a piece of music makes us cringe by its discordance, it actually feels like a storm in our energy, surrounding us with strong dark shades of greys, blues and greens drapes, moving around us like a powerful storm, crashing to shore. At that moment, our heart projects a golden light to protect itself and minimise the negative effects of this storm. When the music ends or when we come out of that environment, we breathe a sense of relief. The waves slowly start minimizing their impact on the cliffs and slowly lighting up in colour and resonance.

When our energy is in neutral, listening to a song, we are like a soul slowly moving to the movement of the waves, the movement of our life. Colours can then vary from a calm flow of neutral shades or peaceful colours, depending on our life status. Since we cannot remain on neutral, our soul will often provoke a movement to wake us up, either to bring us back on our patch, to clear an unhealthy chain of thoughts, to confirm the flow of our life follows the proper stream or to steer us in a different direction. Depending on our resistance, the steering could be violent like a thunderstorm or a very syncopated melody.

When we start paying attention to the melody of our life, we allow the proper key to open the door to a life of bliss and Divine love. Paying attention to recurring melodies and their possible meaning, is a powerful instrument. Ask the angels to guide you through the storms and help you see the wonders of the calm seas, each with their benefit and purpose.

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