Moving past disappointments!

How do we move past disappointments?

Often in life, we have expectations of others and them of us. This creates a mould hard to fill, iced with heartaches, disappointments, feeling of being unloved, where one will often compensate with mind games and unkind words to punish the other for not being responsive. The more we focus on our expectation of others, the more we set ourselves up for failure and major disappointment. With expectations, we sometimes miss major opportunities, as we didn't expect things to evolve the way it did, therefore missing a key element which would have opened a door of opportunity. It's important to realize this pattern and free all involved. Having these expectations creates an energy vortex turning constantly more rapidly, with no way out in sight. The brain will keep fantasizing, fuelling the force of it, with the other partner often stuck in his own, spinning side-by-side and not connecting. Healing will only occur once we realize the situation. Then by visualizing a standstill of the rotation, we can start examining what was fuelling it. Most often we'll realize that it was a minor misunderstanding or that the other person will simply never be the person to bring happiness into our life. A sense of love will then be installed into your heart, sending a big wave of forgiveness to the situation and the other partner. Only by allowing a clearing of our energies and thought patterns to occur, can we then focus on sending love to the other. Whatever is meant to happen will happen in a much better way that we can ever anticipate, when our intentions and relationships are guided by love.

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