Shoes and relationships

As I was thinking about my own life's relationship this week, a vision came to mind that "Relationships could be compared to a pair of shoes!" This first made me laugh, but the more I considered the similarities, the more it made sense!

The fancy and elegant shoes attract you right away by their splendour and delicate or sparkly features. They are a dream and make you feel like a star. But once you dare put them on, you realize they are the most uncomfortable pair ever. They look marvellous on and on the shelf, but you would never be able to walk long with them, not mentioning the pain you feel from the start. They prevent you from being yourself, as you must adjust your status and your wardrobe to match them. They are a pair of shoes that you put on display to admire and enjoy owning, but totally unreliable. The elegant shoes feel acceptable on your feet, but you would only wear them on occasion, would spend more time in your closet than on your feet, depending on your lifestyle, and you are happy to remove them at the end of the day. The casual shoes cover almost all possibilities. They are acceptable for most occasion and you know that no matter where life takes you, these shoes would more than likely allow you to get there. With the comfortable pair of shoes, you either know from the start that they will be a good fit or you allowed them time to adjust to your feet. You can depend on them to walk with without pain and for a long period. They are always a pleasure to slip into. The sport shoe are worn for something specific. They have their purpose, can be dependable, but have a life expectancy. The slipper is a comfort shoe and allow you to relax after a long day. You can throw them anywhere and not worry about them. They will always be somewhere waiting for you.

When faced with a potential relationship or evaluating the condition of one, consider which pair of shoe it compares to, along with the purpose it has in your life. Are you looking for the fancy undependable pair for a one night stand or when your heart or body fancies something you know from the start will not last? Will you choose the elegant style which allows you to experience something different but on occasion, to then be put on the shelf until they are next required? How about the casual shoes which might allow you to experience most of life requiring some kind of status, but still allowing you to manage in most area of life? Then there's the comfortable pair which you know will be dependable, always there to listen to your heart and give you the love and attention you need, always ready to walk with you wherever the road takes you? Oh! The sports shoes! They are worn on occasion, for the purpose of that sport, sometimes to impress it's surrounding, but not always available to share in your path. They usually suffer a lot of abuse and are often upgraded. The slipper relationship is very tempting for someone who thrives on routines and afraid of the unknown, new experiences or changes. Boredom settles in with no excitements, but you always know where you stand.

My dream pair of shoes would be comfortable, with a touch of elegance. They would allow me to travel the world, keep me on my toes, fit most change of wardrobe, adjust to life experiences and opportunities. Like a shoe sometimes worn for a long period, they could cause me some minor pain, but from which I could easily recuperate from with love and attention. They have experience and I can depend on them for balance and to help me dance a perfect Cha-cha. They would glide and resist when required, but not fold from weakness. You care for these shoes as you care for the love in your life. One must be strong enough to support the other in time of need, flexible enough to allow the other to experience life without being themselves erased or put aside, and loving enough to understand that not everyone follows the same path. It sometimes hard and sad to let go of a comfortable pair of shoes, but one must let go knowing that another pair will be found, which will surprisingly fit like a glass slipper. By allowing the heart to let go and forgive past experiences, new ones can make their way into your lives. Strength and courage is required to obtain balance, to respect yourself and to allow the divinely guided relationships to enter your life. The unknown is scary. Past pain have also left their scars, but these scars made you who you are. Without letting go, you cannot receive!

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