The crossroads of life paths

Throughout our life journey on earth, each human being traverses it and sometimes criss-crosses that of someone else or walks with it in parallel.

Have you noticed how many times some individuals have entered your life to come out immediately and to resurface some time later? Do you sometimes notice that a person's journey seems to be the perfect mirror of yours?

God often sends you warning signs that a major change will take place in your life, either to introduce you to more subtle experiences, to raise awareness, to support you on the journey with encouragement and landmarks, or simply to make you feel the love he surrounds you with. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to each one and to appreciate its value. Each relationship has its own value and a desired intention. By repelling them, we only postpone the lesson that will have to be learned in spite of ourselves. Might as well face it when it first comes :)

When our path intersects the path of another person on more than one occasion, there might be joint lessons to be experienced or a contract where in place where we have chosen these people to serve as a key to decode our life plan, to share certain periods of our path or to assimilate a teaching. In order to allow certain lessons to be learned well, it is often necessary to live a period of isolation to eliminate dependency and allow us to evolve. Since everyone must grow at their own growth rate and recognize their value, God guides us towards different directions and experiences of life.

We must appreciate the value of awareness and realize how we have grown. It may then be that we walk side by side for a period of time until another lesson that needs to be learned still asks us to move away. But as two trains travel side by side, we can always look out the window to see that loved ones have never left us. Looking out the window with a sense of joy, with gratitude and love in our hearts, we lighten our path of life and facilitate the integration of different lessons. It's like going to school with a joyful heart, ready to learn and enjoy the energy and experiences of all those around us.

The school of life is like a garden. We can choose to live surrounded by thistles or beautiful flowers. What garden will you choose and how will you take care of this splendor? Will you be able to incorporate the beneficial powers of thistles? Like any good gardener, you sometimes have to ask for advice. So do not hesitate to place your request with confidence that a Divine advisor will lend you a hand in order to improve the flowering and quality of your heavenly garden.


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