Don't be blinded by your life!

"During a good discussion with my dear friend Brian last night (May 29, 2017), we were both inspired to write an inspirational message and quotes. I was suddenly strongly guided to write about the subject: "Don't be blinded by your life!" based on something I had just experienced and feelings it triggered. It was also confirmed that this would be the start of a new book:) It's always amazing how the Divine make things happen and open the right door, at the right time!

We are all victim and guilty of the process of being blinded by our life! Life often throws us unexpected curve balls, but it's how we are prepared to catch them that makes the whole difference and experience interesting and meaningful. Angels and guides could be there, sending us earth guides or messages to help us along the way, but if we are wearing blinders or ear plugs, how can they be of assistance?

This awakening started for me on May 27, 2017. Being one of the few unaccompanied person at a wonderful social dance event on the weekend, although my amazing and kind practice monitor committed to do two demonstration dances with me and danced a few dances throughout the evening, it's with sadness and envy in my heart that I sat there, watching all the couples twirl gracefully on the dance floor.

I could have kept going to play the victim and continued to feel sorry for myself, but decided to shake off the feeling. Time to shape up and remove my own blinders! Life gave me an opportunity to experience and enjoy something I had a passion for. Surrounded by wonderful people and in the company of a very dear aunt of mine, in a beautiful setting, I realized that it was better to have been alone than with the wrong person. (This part triggered my dear friend Brian to write me two beautiful quotes on the subject, which follow my story).

Life as a single person is not always easy, but one must have faith that being surrounded by good friends is a blessing. When things are meant to be, the perfect partner comes along to experience life with. It's important to not be blinded by events or feelings. The bigger picture is so much more beautiful. So many opportunities and blessings await us. Time to remove the blinders and ear plugs to hear and see the blessings and doors of opportunity surrounding us. It's with love, joy and faith in our hearts that we must waltz through life. One door at a time, the curtains will fall, revealing our lives' many treasures."

Louise Lajeunesse


Quotes written for me by my dear angel friend Brian Calhoun, to complement my inspirational message:

"Never settle for anything but the best of what you desire. You are worth the time and energy that it takes to get what you truly wish for.

Make today the day that you let yourself receive only the best that life has to offer you. After all, if you are committed to your focussed outcome the universe will supply you with whatever you are giving time,

energy and focus to. Just let go of the hows, whens and attachment to the outcome, knowing that you will get your wish or even better, according to divine will within. Your angels assure you this divine truth." by Brian D Calhoun

"Never compromise your wish list or true desires. When you settle for anything but what you are worth, you are giving away your power to live to your highest potential. Your dreams are valuable and you are worth allowing a little more time, energy and focus to the manifestation of your wishes. Don’t you agree? If you do, then why are you settling for anything but?" by Brian D Calhoun

Thank you Brian:)

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