The Power of Becoming

When you tap into your inner power of becoming, you suddenly open up to the pleasure of becoming. All doors open and a multitude of possibilities suddenly flood in. Which will you choose? Which one will make your heart vibrate? The question of the day!!

Like at a train station, you have your ticket at hand and you are ready to embark on an amazing journey. Only you can make it as memorable as it can be. So, ticket at hand, luggage filled with experiences and knowledge in the other, hop on the train of life. Get ready to live the most amazing experience of all times, because it is yours, therefore, the most precious!

Assemble your tribes. Bring forth the power of love, the power of becoming leaders in this world so eager to find peace and to live in harmony. One by one, they will join you. Slowly at first, but so consistently. Have no fear! Each tribe will have its purpose and its leader, together for a common cause: the growth of each, for the growth of all: all interconnected, all interdependent. Believe that a common thread unites all that is. Be a strong thread. Dare to soar and bring forth a vision of bliss and satisfaction in all that you do. This bliss will be reflected in your creations, in your becoming. You are a child of God. Dare to believe in your inner beauty and your inner perfection. You are blessed! Bless the world around you!

When the sun rises, ask God: How can I better myself? How can I better the world? Creations await the creators. Be open to new ideas, to new concepts. Who knows what you are meant to create. Write down your visions and share them, as you never know who holds the other piece of the puzzle to make it reality. Life and possibilities are infinite. Only your mind and your ego alter this infinity.

We are all a wondrous union of potential that needs to manifest in every way possible. Welcome the playfulness of the Light and discover the magnificence of who you really are.

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